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Welcome to the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church's "Praise Group" page

Next Practice:


Praise Team is back!

We are looking forward with renewed energy for the future of the Beltsville praise teams. We are still looking for a few good members and we could use your help. If you have already joined up, keep an eye on this page as we will post practice times and schedules here.

We're planning on a Sabbath-evening Vespers service in late March.  We need people willing to commit to being on time and practicing with for about a month.   Practice would probably be Friday evening, but that is still open for discussion.  

If you would like to be a part of this, please contact me:

Below is a list of songs we already have books ready for use.   While we may not use all these songs (and will no doubt use others since there are no traditional hymns listed in this group), it is at least a starting point for our first rehearsal. 




List of Songs
We're working


Light The Fire (G)
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
Come, Now is the Time To Worship (D)
You Are My All In All (E)
Step By Step
Sanctuary (D)
O Lord, You're Beautiful (D) chords/lyrics
Lord I lift Your Name On High (G)
I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy (G)
Let Us Come Together (C)
Blessed Assurance
Open the Eyes of My Heart
Above All (A) chords/lyrics
I Give You My Heart
Lord Reign In Me
The Power of Your Love (G) chords/ Lyrics
Confess my Trust
Father God (C) chords/lyrics




Meet Your



We'd like to invite anyone interested in join our group to make contact with us!   We really need voices!!!  

All we ask from those who wish to join our group is us is commitment to attend the functions of the group and higher goal of putting our Lord first.    If you can meet those two requirements, you're "In."

The list of members below is old, but I'll be updating that as I hear back from people contacted in our lastest e-mail.   


  Mary Ballard   BAS MaryB
  Sunil & Brooke Harris
  Jim Davenport
  Raymond Fisher   finceo
  Marilyn Scott   MarilynCScott
  Richard Peters   malibu skiboats
  Renee Peters   Malibu H20skier Renee.Peters@ARS.USDA.GOV
  Wendy Agard
  Group Mailing     Everyone
Richard Renee Roger Ryan Contact Us
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