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Roger's Page

 Doing a full during Acro-Airs
  homeshow 2008.


Playing on the airfloor during Acro-Airs homeshow.

 Doing another full during homeshow.
  Meet Morgan and me on the Train Tracks!



About Me: I now attend the University of Maryland in College Park and I am in the process of getting into the Enigneering Program to continue my persuit of my hopeful Mechanical Engineering degree. I have managed to stay on the Columbia Union College Acro Airs Gymnastics team, and continue to actively play a small role on the team. I am currently pursuing my CDL so that I can drive the busses at UM so that I can continue to persue my degree.

About 6 months ago, I got the really meet the best person in the world. Morgan is also on the team and she lives in Colorado. This summer we got to start dating and my family and I got to have the pleasure of introducing her to the wonderful sport of waterskiing! She did incredibly well this summer and has already proceeded to one ski. I have the wonderful pleasure of being able to take her in to school and to be with her here out on the east coast as she continues to persue here degree in Chemistry.

This Christmas I get the wonderful chance of going out to Colorado and spending more time with her and meet here family. Hoping to play some paintball with her and her family and friends. The best part of Colorado....SNOW!!! This will hopefully be my first white christmas in many years.







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