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Richard Sking
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  Richard's Parents

Meet Richard's Parents


Richard A Peters (10/24/1929) and Mary C Peters (10/27/1925) live in Beltsville, Maryland in a house they purchased in 1967.  Both are in good health as of this writing.   If you wish to contact them, you can do so at their home number (301) 937-2587

In the picture above, Richard's parents are in the center left surrounded by their children and a few grand children.   David is immediately behind his mother,  Caroline is to the right of her dad, and Richard E is to the right of his sister, Caroline.



Mary Peters was in a bad car accident over the Christmas holidays of 2006.   As of this writing, she is currently recovering at home after a 2 month absence while at hospitals and rehab facilities. 




Their home as purchased in 1967 and as it is today.


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8686 Rose Lane, Jessup, Maryland 20794