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Welcome to the Peters Web site

We would like to introduce you to our family: Richard, Renee, Roger & Ryan.   We currently reside in Jessup, Maryland where we enjoy the friendship of some great neighbors.  Feel free to look around the site or e-mail us if you so desire. 



I hate to have to dig through a whole web site in order to find something that is timely.  So, don't expect this front page to be too organized.  If we have a quick file to share with someone and need a place to post it, this is where you'll find it.   Things that are more stable you'll find in the more organized pages which you can link to from the menu on the left.


What's Up?

We've been busy lately.  We've started 4 other web sites and keeping a blog going.    Probably the most prominate site being the one for our homebuilt airplane:     We were hoping to have the plane ready for Oshkosh 2008.   But, with my good friend and co-builder; Rob, and his sudden battle and death from cancer, the plane has taken a back seat.   

Both of our boys live at home with us while they are attending college.  Roger's page can be found here and Ryan's web page can be found here.  Renee has a page or two on this web site, but it's hard to keep her motivated when it comes to updates. 



Mining Operations in Jessup, MD.    December 8, 2005
See a few pictures of the current mining operations near our house.   There are some fairly large panoramic shots which do not want to view in your browser.   Instead, save them to your hard drive and open with a good JPG viewer that allows you to zoom in/out and pan.

Warning: Feel free to browse any of the icons, but if you wish to view the larger pictures be warned that some files are more than 6MB in size!!! You must have broadband!!!


2008 Year In Pictures
!00+ pictures with captions that gives you a glimps into our year. Enjoy!


CUC Acro-airs
200+ pictures of one Friday, May 29, 2009 when some of the team came down to the lake to check out the water-ski world. Note to team: If you want the larger picture (3Mb version), e-mail me with the name of the file. Send your e-mail to richard (at)

Update:   Joint Show with SpencerVille Academy on March 20, 2010



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